Take The First Step

Last summer, I had the opportunity to go ziplining with my family. I’ve always been terrified of heights, but ziplining is something I’ve always told myself I would do if given the opportunity. I was so excited to go ziplining, until I saw the stairs I had to climb to get to that line. SuddenlyContinue reading “Take The First Step”

Experiencing Shame for Taking Medication

When the doctor recommended that I start taking anxiety medication I was all against it. I had been talking to some people in my church about my anxiety and depression and the actions I was taking in order to fill a void. They had been very supportive but when I discussed medication with them theyContinue reading “Experiencing Shame for Taking Medication”

7 Practices That Help Combat Self Harm

I have battled with self harm for seven years now. I know how difficult it is to pull yourself out of it once you’ve already started to give in. I am by no means a professional and can not guarantee that these ways will help you the same way they did for me. Some dayContinue reading “7 Practices That Help Combat Self Harm”